Emergency Intervention


    Emergency Intervention on Liban and Dawa zone


    ACPA partnership with mercy corps supported the most vulnerable households affected by the adverse effects of the Indian Ocean Dipole in Hudet, Moyale of dawa zone and Dollo ado and Filtu Woredas of Liben Zone, Somali Region. The interventions improved pastoral livelihoods and reduced the vulnerability of pastoral households by protecting livestock asset value through accelerated commercial offstake and veterinarian products through a restricted value vouchers scheme

    Output 1: Protected livestock asset value through provision of destocking subsidy to livestock trading enterprises for stimulation offtake of small ruminants
     reduced the pressure on natural resources for livestock nutrition; protect core breeding livestock in order to support pregnant, lactating and dry productive females;
    Output 2: Provide veterinarian products through a restricted value vouchers scheme;
    One of the effects of drought is deterioration of livestock rinfective of infection and management diseases and increased vulnerability to internal and external
    Parasites. Meanwhile, due to other pressing cash needs, households have low capacity to purchase livestock preventative care and provided affected
    Households with vouchers redeemable for specific products and services from selected and contracted Private Veterinarian Pharmacies (Pvps).