Partnership for Building Resilience of Vulnerable Communities in
Drought-Prone Areas

Due to the growing trend of the climate change impact compounded by the dependency of the livelihoods of more than 85% of Ethiopian population on natural resources, the vulnerability of the rural population is becoming a serious issue in the country. In response to recurrent drought situation and as part of development strategy, the Federal Government and regional states of Ethiopia have started putting in place; develop sectoral plans and strategies to mitigate risk and to adapt to both the short term climate variability as well as longer term climate change.
Project Goal
The overall goal of the project is vulnerable people, in the Liben and Dawa Zones of Somali Region are more resilient to crises in the face of climate change and environmental degradation, enabling sustainable inclusive economic growth.

Objective of the Workshop
•The objective of the workshop is to familiarize the IRM approach and its principles and processes to all sector offices, CSOs and community representatives who will have direct or indirect stake in the project.

Outcome of the workshop

•The awareness of participants on IRM will be enhanced
•Sector stakeholders will agree on some action points that will help IRM to be taken forward and mainstreamed
•Relationship established among sector actors to jointly engage in mainstreaming of IRM principles


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